Paul Kalkbrenner

Paul Kalkbrenner

Paul Kalkbrenner (born 1977 in Leipzig, Germany) is a German electronic musician and actor from Berlin.

In his early years Kalkbrenner played the trumpet in several concerts. In 1994 he started his career as a live act. In 1999, his first EP Largesse was released under his alias Paul db+. The same year he released the EP Friedrichshain at his Berlin label BPtich Control.

Paul KalkbrennerKalkbrenner uses software-synthesizers, sequencer (Ableton Live) in combination with midi-controllers, hardware-synthesizers and -drummachines for his live shows.
He appeared at various festivals like Mayday, Nature One, SonneMondSterne, Melt, I Love Techno and Fusion.

In 2008 he appeared as the leading character in the film Berlin Calling. Together with his brother Fritz Kalkbrenner, who also took a minor role in the film, they produced the single Sky and Sand which is part of the Berlin Calling Soundtrack.



  • Zeit (BPitch Control, 2001)
  • Superimpose (BPitch Control, 2001)
  • Self (BPitch Control, 2004)
  • Maximalive (Minimaxima, 2005)
  • Reworks (BPitch Control, 2006)
  • Keule (Bpitch Control)
  • Berlin Calling - The Soundtrack By Paul Kalkbrenner (BPitch Control, 2008)


  • DB+ (12") (BPitch Control, 2000)
  • Chrono (12") (BPitch Control, 2001)
  • Brennt (12") (BPitch Control, 2002)
  • F.FWD (12") (BPitch Control, 2003
  • Steinbeisser (12") (BPitch Control, 2003)
  • Press On (12") (BPitch Control, 2004)
  • Tatü-Tata (12") (BPitch Control, 2005)
  • Keule (12") (BPitch Control, 2006)
  • Altes Kamuffel (12") (BPitch Control, 2007)
  • Bingo Bongo (12") (BPitch Control, 2008)


  • Sky And Sand (BPitch Control, 2009)